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Custom hoses

At Aurora Industrial we pride ourselves on our Custom Hose capabilities.  We have the capability to crimp from 1/4IN up to 8IN hoses at our facility.  We can pressure test and certify hoses up to 40K PSI, as well as provide a custom hose label on each hose. We’ll provide the assemble & test date with its own serial number to reference on the test certificate with each applicable hose.  AIS is a proud member of NAHAD & The Hose Safety Institute which provides us with the tools, knowledge, and resources to ensure we assemble and test hoses to the manufacturer’s specifications.


Hydraulic up to 2IN

Air Hose




Water Blasting



Mill/Fire Hose

Sanitary/Food Grade



In addition to the hoses themselves, we also offer all the fittings and end connections necessary to connect the hoses in the following materials:

• Flanged



Vapor Lock, Petroleum Loading/Unloading

Fire Connections

• Quick Connects


We offer the following hose related services:


• Annual hose inspection/certifications

• Field support to help determine the hose failure and propose a solution to prevent premature hose failure

• Hose installs on mobile equipment & fixed equipment

 • Complete hose removal and re-routing on equipment (each hose has its own part number associated with it, which makes it easy for the customer to re-order when needed) We provide a complete new schematic and hose/fitting break down to the customer

 • For all our Hydraulic hoses and Food Grade hoses we use our EZ Clean system to ensure we do not introduce any contaminants into the customer’s system.



In a perfect world we can make a customer the exact replica of the hose they need replaced if the hose is brought into our store.  But for the scenarios where we don’t have that luxury, our highly trained sales team will go through our STAMPED process to determine the best hose for your application.  Our goal is to understand your needs and offer a hose that will perform the job and reduce any downtime.



Refers to the overall dimensions of the hose required for your particular needs. You’ll need to know the hose ID, OD, and length. If the assembled length is critical to the hose’s application, you may need to determine overall assembled lengths (length including fittings).


Refers to the temperature of the application, which is an important factor, particularly how hot it is. Consider both internal (media and friction) and external (ozone and sunlight) temperatures. Most rubber compounds will naturally begin to break down as they approach 200° Fahrenheit. There are specially blended rubber compounds that are made to withstand higher temperatures, such as EPDM and Viton.


Refers to the environment in which the hose is being used. Is there direct exposure to sunlight? If so, you will need a hose that is made from a compound that has ozone resistance, such as EPDM. Is there direct exposure to oil or petroleum products? If so, you will need a hose that is made from a compound that has oil or aromatic resistance, such as NITRILE.


Refers to what product is running through the system. This parameter is important because the media will come in contact with the ID of the hose. Certain rubber compounds are made to withstand particular media. For example, NITRILE is good for oil/petroleum-based products, and GUM is good for abrasives.


Refers to how much pressure is going through the system. Be aware of any spikes in pressure and allow for these drastic changes in the design and selection of your hose. It is equally important to be aware of the correlation between temperature and pressure.  A hose cannot be used at its maximum rated working pressure and maximum rated temperature at the same time. For more information, check out our Pressure and Temperature Recommendations under Resources.


Refers to which fittings are needed and how they are to be attached to the hose. A hose assembly is rated for the lesser of the working pressure of the hose and the fittings. So, a 4-inch 200psi hose with aluminum cam and groove fittings double banded will only be rated for 100psi.


Refers to when the assembly is expected on a job.

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